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What can trichomoniasis lead to?

If you are diagnosed with trichomoniasis - you will be given a course of antibiotics to take, that if taken correctly and in full should successfully treat the infection. Do not have sex whilst you are on treatment and have waited 7 days since you started treatment. You can do a test of cure 2 weeks after completing treatment to check the infection has cleared.

You should ensure any current or recent sexual partners are also tested and treated, and do not have sex with them until they have also completed treatment or recieved a negative result. (Infections take 2 weeks to show up on tests after sexual contact, so ensure they test at an accurate time).

If treated successfully, and you get a negative test of cure, then you can be reassured the infection has cleared and you do not have to worry about any further complications.

If you have trichomoniasis that is not treated, this can lead to more serious infections in the reproductive system. If you have a uterus, this is called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It may cause symptoms such as unusual /abnormal bleeding, bleeding between periods, pain or bleeding after sex and lower abdomen pain. You would need to be examined by a clinician for PID to be diagnosed.

If you have a penis and testicles, untreated trichomoniasis may lead to epididymitis or or inflammations of the urethra. You would need to be examined by a clinician to have this diagnosed.

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